Another Night on Earth is an international guitar ensemble. Each of its eight members has a unique style and sound, but all share an unusual distinction: They’re electric guitarists performing traditional and contemporary classical music. Formed during the COVID crisis, the group collaborates remotely, developing an ever-expanding repertoire stretching from the Middle Ages to the present day.

ANOE is the brainchild of Heiko Ossig, a renowned concert guitarist who teaches of the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg, Germany. There he created the innovative Guitar Lab, where students meld traditional classical guitar approaches with modern technology. Ossig invited American guitarist and Princeton University music professor Steven Mackey as a guest lecturer. (Mackey is probably the world’s leading exponent of employing electric guitar in modern classical composition.) When the pandemic made that visit impossible, Ossig launched this project as an alternative.

In addition to Ossig and Mackey, the group includes six distinguished musicians: David Robertson, Gretchen Menn, Daniele Gottardo, JIJI, James Moore, and Joe Gore.